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Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer Guidance

  Canon Ivy Mini Photo a portable zero ink printer it has easy to use setup. The user must use the Canon Mini Print app to edit the image that is to be printed. The Mini Photo has a top of the line print quality. It is accessible and easy to carry around.

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Unboxing

Print your favorite pictures from your smartphone or social media and share it with your friends. With Canon mini photo, it is easy and efficient.

  • Check if there is a proper seal on the received package.
  • Remove the packing box from the Canon ivy mini photo printer.
  • Take off the packing materials.
  • Connect your printer with a USB cord.
  • Wait until the light turns to be green from red.
  • Once charged, hold the power button and wait until the light turns on

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Paper Size

Load your Canon mini photo with appropriate photo paper to get the desired output. Follow the below to load the paper into your mini photo printer.

  • Press down and push back the ^ symbol to open the lid of your Canon ivy mini photo printer.
  • Place the blue SMART SHEET into the tray.
  • Load the ZINK photo paper next.
  • Ensure that the photo paper logos and barcode are facing down.
  • Close the top cover of the printer.
  • You will hear a click sound that purely indicates that you have properly closed the lid.

Canon Ivy Mini Photo How To Print

The following will guide you to print photos using your mini photo printer.

  • Pair your Canon ivy mini photo printer with your Android or iOS device.
  • Open the photo that needs to be printed.
  • Edit if required before printing.
  • Tap on the print icon.
  • A progressive screen appears to denote that your photo is Sending to Printer and Printing.
  • Don’t exit the app until the print is complete.

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Bluetooth Setup

The below process will help you connect your printer with the help of Bluetooth.

  • Hold the power button and wait until the LED light turns on.
  • Open Settings in your mobile device and enable Bluetooth.
  • Your mobile device will be paired with the Canon Printer.
  • Go to Printer Settings – > Add Printer.
  • Choose your Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer.
ivy mini photo bluetooth setup


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