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Canon Printer Support

Canon Printer Setup and Install

Canon Printer Setup

Follow the below easy steps for canon printer setup.

  1. Open the package and remove all the contents inside the box.
  2. Pull out the printer from the pack.
  3. Remove the foam packing materials from both sides of the printer.
  4. Discard all the protective tapes around the printer.
  5. Next, connect the power cord to the printer’s rear port and the other end into an electrical outlet.
  6. Turn on your printer and wait until it is ready.

Canon printer ink


Only genuine ink cartridges should be used for Canon printers. It has a long lasting life, and the output will be good.


Installing Ink Cartridges

  1. The first step that you will have to do is to turn On your Canon setup printer.
  2. Wait until the printer is idle.
  3. Open the cartridge access door of the printer.
  4. Remove the orange cap on your black color ink cartridge and hold only the black plastic part.
  5. Insert the cartridge to its respective place in your printer.
  6. Repeat the same steps for the other ink cartridge also. To know more about installing ink cartridges in printer reach our experts to get complete canon printer setup support.
Canon Printer Ink cartridge Installation

canon printer drivers


Installing the right drivers for your Canon printer can be confusing! Do not panic. We provide you with ample support for downloading and installing the canon printer driver. Get instant Canon printer support from our experts..!!

Printer Driver

Install Canon printer

  • Installing a Canon printer can be a cakewalk with our help.
  • Right now, you would be really excited to unpack your new printer.
  • So, open the carton and ensure that none of the accessories has been missed out.
  • Now, we move onto the step where you install suitable drivers on your computer.
  • You are not to worry. The right set of drivers are available on the Canon website.
  • Visit the Canon website and enter your printer model number.
  • Tap on the download button.
  • Follow the simple steps given to install the driver. Get instant canon printer support from our technicians.
Install Canon Printer

how to connect Canon wireless printer to mac

  • No more wires! Now you can connect your printer without any wires.
  • There is a wireless setup option in your printer that can be used to connect it to any other device.
  • Follow the below steps to establish a proper connection.
  • Switch on your printer Canon printer setup process.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the lamp flashes.
  • Find the WPS button on your printer and press it.
  • Once the light stops flashing, you can be sure that your printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, you can print your favorite photos, documents, etc., from your device. The above steps will help to know how to connect Canon wireless printer to Mac.

how to connect canon printer to wifi

  • The first thing you have to do is switch ON the printer to make canon printer setup process ease for wifi connection. Use our canon printer support to get the best guidance.
  • We recommend you to use the direct power socket.
  • After pressing the WPS button, hold it.
  • Release the button once the orange light is seen.
  • Now, blue light keeps flashing as your printer searches a network.
  • Make sure you connect the printer to a secured network.
  • Keep Calm until a solid blue light is displayed.
  • Once you see the blue light, start using your printer. The above steps will clearly explains how to connect canon printer to wifi.

how to connect canon printer to computer

Well, are you confused on how to connect your printer with your computer?

  • Follow the set of guidelines given below to know how to connect canon printer to computer.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the printer and the computer for the Canon printer setup process.
  • Carefully remove the knots if any.
  • Attach the USB cable to your printer and to your system.
  • Now, connect your power socket to the direct power outlet and your printer.
  • And yeah, now switch your printer On and start using the necessary functions. For more queries get best canon printer support from our experts.
canon printer to computer

Canon printer Models support


Technical support is extended to all the customers by the manufacturer. We provide the best Canon printer support covering all the aspects such as Canon setup, operation, troubleshooting, warranty, etc., of the printer.

Canon Pixma Printer

Canon Pixma printer

Canon printers are multifunctional printers which offer print, copy, scan, and fax functions. It can print any photos, images, and documents of your choice.

Canon Photo Printer

Canon photo printer

Canon photo printers are specially made for printing the images you love. It enhances your favorite photos with better clarity.

Canon wireless printer

Canon wireless printer

Wireless! Sounds so easy and exciting, right?
You can print any files or photos from anywhere on your device.

Canon all in one printer

Canon all in one printer

The Canon all-in-one printer offers various functions to help you print, scan, copy, and fax a document or photo of your choice.

Canon Laser printer

Canon laser printer

Laser printer is generally known for its excellent quality prints and high printing speed. Buy a laser printer to print your files with high quality.

Canon Selphy printer

Canon selphy printer

Canon Selphy printer is a compact and portable Wi-Fi photo printer. Print super quality photos that last forever.

Canon inkjet printer

Canon inkjet printer

If you are looking for maximized performance and high-quality delivery, then Canon Inkjet printers are the right choice for you.


how to scan on canon printer


You know what scanning documents won’t take more time as you have imagined. Just a minute we’ll explain the scanning process.


how to scan a document on a canon printer

Any device needs software that triggers the functions of that respective device.

  • The first thing that you will have to do is to download the printer driver software.
  • Depending on the Operating System and the printer model, download and install the driver software.
  • As the next step, connect all the necessary connections.
  • It’s recommended to connect your printer to the direct power socket.
  • Now, its the time to power On your Printer to make the canon printer setup for scanning .
  • Position the document on the Scanner glass or the ADF.
  • If your printer has separate buttons to start the scanning process, then press the same.
  • In case if your printer has the touch screen panel, click on Menu—> Scan option.
  • Choose the desired location to save the scanned document on your system. For more canon printer support just reach us.

how to print from iPhone to canon printer

iPhone users need not fret. Follow these steps to print from your phone to printer.

  • Make sure your printer is AirPrint enabled.
  • Open the application that you want to print.
  • The Print icon will be located on your app’s share or tap icon.
  • Click Tap or the Print option.
  • Choose your Canon setup printer from the list that is displayed.
  • If you want more than one copy, mention the number on the number of copies menu.
  • Do all the other changes that are needed for your document.
  • Now, click on the Print option.
  • Wait until your printer completes the print function successfully.
Canon Printer App

Canon printer app

Printer apps are available to make our job easier. Now, using the functions of your printer can be wieldy. Use our Canon printer support to know more about canon printer app functions.

Canon printer app for Android

  • An exciting feature of Canon printers is the app that is used to print and scan.
  • You can print anything from your gallery or documents folder.
  • All you have to do is download the Canon Printer EPP app on your smartphone.
  • Open the app after downloading it.
  • Go to Menu, and select the options displayed there.
  • You can choose images or files to print or scan.
  • Choose the desired files and print them after completing the Canon setup process.

How to change ink in Canon printer

  • Changing the ink cartridge in a Canon printer is quite easy.
  • Follow the simple steps provided, and your Canon printer setup is ready to print the files you desire.
  • In the first place, check if the printer is turned on.
  • Open the front cover and then pull out the paper output cover.
  • Do not worry when you hear a rattling sound.
  • It’s just that the ink carriage slot moving to one side.
  • Push the old cartridges downwards, and insert the new cartridge in place.
  • Press it into its slot until you hear a clicking sound. Make use of the instant canon printer support to know more how to change ink in canon printer.
How To Change Ink In Canon Printer

Canon Printer Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting a Canon printer is a stroll in the park. The troubleshooting support provided lets you repair and maintain your printer with fewer complications.

how to fix Canon printer not responding

  • Don’t get stressed if your Canon printer is not responding at times.
  • It will only be due to some minor faults.
  • The below canon printer setup instructions will set it right again.
  • First, check if the printer driver is configured properly.
  • See if you have entered the right access point.
  • Forgot to install the anti-virus? Install the best available anti-virus software immediately.
  • Check if the USB connection is intact. Remove it slowly and re-insert it.
  • Performing the above-mentioned steps will solve your canon printer troubleshooting problems & make your printer ready to print as a new one.

how to reset Canon printer

  • There are two types of resets in Canon printers.
  • You can either do a Factory reset or an Ink cartridge reset.
  • Turn on your printer, and choose the menu option.
  • Select the device settings option and within that go to reset settings.
  • Press OK. If this is not helping you, go for the ink cartridge reset.
  • Find the power button and press it twice.
  • Remove the cartridges and cables carefully, and reconnect the power supply.
  • Now, print a file to check if it is working. Else, visit the service center without any delay.If still, your issues have not solved reach our experts to get the best canon printer support.


canon printer frequently asked questions


Cannot Find Printer while Using Wi-Fi

  • Try out the following solutions to fix this issue.
  • See if you have enabled the Find Devices and Content option.
  • Do not worry if you failed to add, remove, and re-add your printer to the list.
  • Check for updates. Please keep updating your driver regularly.
  • Go for a network connectivity test to connect it firmly.

Canon printer not even printing

  • Before going to your nearest service center, check out these ideas to fix your printer up.
  • Check if the cable connection between your printer and the computer is intact. Insert it firmly.
  • Up next, verify the paper tray. Fill it with papers if it is empty.
  • Check if you have chosen the correct printer name from the list.
  • Re-install the printer drivers and try printing again.
  • For more Canon printer support just reach our experts.

Cannot Install Drivers (Windows)

If this issue persists, then follow the guidelines given below.

  • Check if the operating system supports the driver version.
  • Another main thing that should be taken care of is network connectivity.
  • Update the printer firmware as it may also cause an issue.
  • Unplug all the connections from your printer until its prompted to do so whilst the installation process.

PIXMA iP4920 Won’t power on

  • Don’t panic if your printer is not powering On.
  • Check if the power cable is connected properly.
  • Connect the cable to the direct power outlet.
  • Disconnect the connections made with the surge protectors if any.
  • Now, switch On your PIXMA printer. For more queries get the best canon printer support from our technicians.

Scanner – can’t connect wireless printer

  • The most important thing that you will have to check is the network connection.
  • Power On your network access point and try connecting your printer.
  • A Blinking blue light depicts that your printer is searching for a Wi-Fi network.
  • In case if you are trying to connect your printer to an open network, this issue can occur.
  • Establish the connection successfully by connecting it to a secured network.
  • For further Canon printer support just dial us.

How do I scan to email on MF632Cdw

  • Position the document on the scanner glass or the ADF.
  • Scan the document by choosing Menu—-> Scan.
  • Now, it’s time to compose a mail.
  • Add all the necessary details and click on the Attachment icon.
  • Select the scanned document and choose Scan option.

Can’t change ink cartridges on maxify mb2320

  • Check if your printer is turned On.
  • Only then you can remove the ink cartridges.
  • Wait until your cartridge access door is silent.
  • Replace the cartridge that you want to change with the new one.
  • Now, start using your printer functions.

how do I find my Canon printer model?

  • Finding the printer model can be exacting.
  • We will help you find it from two places.
  • One, it will be present on the front side of the printer.
  • Two, the manual given along with the printer will have the model number.
  • Check these two places to find the model number. Get instant canon printer support by just contacting us.
  • For quick Canon printer support reach our technical experts.

Selphy CP 910 keeps jamming, but it isn’t jammed

  • This error can be very annoying to fix.
  • But we have the right solution for this error.
  • Clean the paper rollers with care.
  • Once you clean it, try printing any document or image.
  • If you still can’t fix it up, then go to the nearest service center.

Printer did not come with all the cables required to connect to my computer

There is only one remedy to this problem. Canon usually does not provide you with USB cables. The reason for this is that is most people replace old printers with new ones. Since this printer model can be connected only through USB, you will need one. Buy a USB cable that suits the printer to start printing.

canon selphy cp800 driver will not install on my windows 10 laptop

  • Don’t worry; there is an alternate idea to this issue.
  • Right click on the downloaded file, and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility.
  • Then select Troubleshoot Program and check the box with the message Worked in Earlier versions but won’t install now.
  • Choose Next.
  • Select your windows version and test the installed program.
  • Reach our technical experts to get instant Canon printer support.
  • The Worked in Earlier versions but won’t install now.
  • Choose Next.
  • Select your windows version and test the installed program.
  • Reach our technical experts to get instant Canon printer support.



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